May 10th - 15th, 2020

Future Repertoire

The tentative required repertoire for Young Artist Competition(s) and Adjudicator Choice classes for all participating Musicfest Festival divisions is shown below.

The below list is provided as a courtesy in the event that students/teachers would like advanced planning information earlier than 7-8 months in advance.   

Musicfest Northwest and its division chairs reserve the right to change the required pieces in the future for any reason at least 8 months in advance of the year the piece would be required to be played.  

Please double check the required repertoire on the festival website in the fall prior to each competition to verify correct information for the upcoming year.
Piano Division:
2021 – Schumann: Concerto, Op. 54, 1st movement, Allegro affettuoso
(If a cadenza for a concerto is written by the composer, that cadenza shall be required)
2022 - Prokofiev: Concerto No. 3, 1st Movement
2023 - Rachmaninoff: Concerto No. 2, 1st Movement
2024 - Beethoven: Concerto No. 3, 1st Movement, any addition
2025 - Grieg: Concerto, 1st Movement
2026 - Prokofiev: Concerto No. 3, 1st Movement
2027 - Beethoven: Concerto No. 1 in C major, Op. 15, 3rd movement, Rondo. Allegro

    2021 - Weber, Andante & Rondo Ungarese
    2022 - Mozart, Concerto, K. 191, Movement 1

    2021 - Rossini, Introduction, Theme and Variations
    2022 - Mozart, Concerto, K. 622, movement 3 (must be played on clarinet in A)

    2021 - Krommer, Concerto in F, Op. 37, Movement 1
    2022 - Hummel, Introduction, Theme & Variations

Alto Saxophone
    2021 - Glazunov, Concerto (complete)
    2022 - Ibert, Concertino da Camera, Movement 1

2021 Flute Young Artist: Howard Hanson Serenade for Flute, Harp and Strings, Opus 35
2021 Adjudicator's Choice:  Henri Busser Prelude and Scherzo Opus 35 for Flute and Piano (The u in Busser should have two dots over it)

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